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Discover Aruba with Private Accessible Tour Experience

Don’t miss out on Aruba's breathtaking and unique natural beauty.
From gorgeous turquoise crystal clear beaches with bright white sand to rugged cactus filled dessert-like terrain.

All to be explored as you easily and effortlessly get in and out of our wheelchair accessible van.


Tour & Beach Stop Options

Get to know all our stop options so you can change or add a stop for another in the same area. For the beach stops we go to the beach’s restaurant with a beautiful or up close view of the ocean. You can also choose these beach stops as breakfast or lunch spots in your itinerary.

Tour Stop Options

Beach Stop Options

Private Accessible Tours

All Tour & Beach Stop locations serve as a suggestion to give you an
idea of where you can go, feel free to add or switch any stops from the list keeping in mind that any extra duration will be charged at $80 per hour.

Saskia Mobility Tour

3 or 4-hour tour
$80.00 per hour
Max 2 Wheelchair Users & 2 Companions
Half-day tour exploring the northern & middle part of the Island or choose the southern & middle part of the island.
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Jeanette Mobility Tour

5 or 6-hour tour
$80.00 per hour
Max 2 Wheelchair Users & 2 Companions
Full-Day tour exploring the whole island coast to coast. Add or exchange a stop with another in the same area.
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Zephir Custom-Made Tour

Minimum 2 hours
$80.00 per hour
Max 2 Wheelchair Users & 2 Companions
Want to fully personalize every detail of your tour? We will help you come up with your ultimate accessible island tour.
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Luxury Private Accessible Tour

Enjoy full customization, comfort and relaxation. Ask us for our best recommendations for breakfast, lunch or dinner with the closest ocean views and our beautiful night city tours.

Luxury Custom-Made Tour

Day or Night tour
Day $100.00 p/h
Night $120.00 p/h
Max 2 Wheelchair Users & 3 Companions
Enjoy a tailor-made accessible island tour, but more relaxing routes and in our spacious Luxury Mobility Accessible Van.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are accessible restrooms available during the tour?

Accessible restrooms are an important consideration for our wheelchair tours. We are up to date on the best accessible facilities and plan our routes accordingly.

How far in advance should I book a wheelchair-accessible tour?

It's advisable to book wheelchair-accessible tours well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure availability and allow us to make necessary arrangements.

Are tour guides trained to assist individuals with disabilities?

Yes, our tour guides undergo training to provide assistance to passengers with disabilities. The driver is CPR/AED, First Aid and fire extinguisher certified. They are knowledgeable about securing wheelchairs, providing support when boarding and disembarking, and ensuring a safe and pleasant journey.

Can I book a wheelchair-accessible tour for a cruise stop in Aruba?

Yes, you can book your wheelchair accessible tour requesting pick up at the cruise port in Aruba. We offer shore excursion options that cater to cruise ship schedules.

Take a look at the page with Frequently Asked Questions

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