Wheelchair Transportation & Tours

Welcome to Aruba, one of the best wheelchair access places in the Caribbean.

We Welcome Wheelchairs transportation Aruba has accessible transportation for visitors with special needs.


Since We Welcome wheelchair transportation is located in Aruba where tourism is the main pillar of the economy, we would love to contribute into creating more opportunities for the ones with physical limitations coming to vacation to enjoy their vacation as if there were no limitation. While keeping in mind the ones living on the island who have limitations to have a “STAY-CATION” as well.


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Mobility Accommodations

We connect you with a list of approved mobility accommodations and companies renting mobility equipment in Aruba.

For reservation, please contact the company directly.

Mobility Transfer Aruba

We welcome you at Reina Beatrix airport or at the Cruise ship terminal in Oranjestad with a sign bearing your name.

We guide you out to our mobility van where your wheelchair, Electric wheelchair, enter our vehicle with EZ-lock, tie downs and other safety in place. We are ready to go.

We give you a welcome briefing to provide some basic information about mobility in Aruba, while driving to your destination.

Please note: Transportation for a maximum of one wheelchair user and two companions. A maximum of 1 check bag + 1 carry-on per person. Extra charge for amendment made during the trip.

Mobility Tours Aruba

Saskia mobility tour

Sit comfortable in your wheelchair or powerchair while visiting the most visited places in Aruba like:

  • California Lighthouse
  • Philip’s animal garden (Entrance USD 10.00 per person)
  • Bushiribana gold mill ruins
  • Casibari Rock Formation
  • And many more sights along the way.

Jeanette mobility Coast to Coast

  • Eagle Beach
  • California Lighthouse
  • Natural Bridge
  • San Nicolas cultural art city
  • Baby Beach
  • And many more sights along the way.

Zephir Private mobility Tour

Please contact us to book a private customized tour.

Mobility Transfers to and from Restaurants around Aruba

Please contact us to book the round trip.

Note: All tours include Pick up and Drop off, refreshments and dry snack.



Who are we?

The idea came about when my grandmother got ill and had to be hospitalized in 2009, being overweight we struggled to help her to do everything, even a short trip to the nearest clinic seemed to be miles away. We had to call the ambulance, grandma really didn’t like to be lifted by 3, 4 men to a stretcher. As an automotive engineer, I thought the best thing was to convert my mother’s old van into a wheelchair access vehicle. While calculating the cost and the time to spend on that job I understood that I will need help.

I proposed the project to the technical school where I teach, offering the van to the students to work on it under the guidance of all the professional staff to help them acquire the ability to weld different kind of materials, but unfortunately I got denied. After many years of struggle, sadly, grandma passed away, however, the idea kept its way.



Isaac Wagemakerstraat 103 apt.

San Nicolas, Aruba



+297 742 0492

+297 742 4699

+297 584 0551

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