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Who Are We?

We Welcome Wheelchairs is a family business established by a husband and wife in 2019. Alix & Jubitza have been creating a more accessible Aruba by means of their wheelchair accessible transportation vans.

They provide private accessible transportation needed throughout your vacation and accessible private island tours.


We Welcome Wheelchairs’ Story

Alix & Jubitza’s journey to how they ended up starting their business all started with their own personal experiences.

While taking on the care of her grandmother who got seriously ill in 2009, Jubitza experienced firsthand the struggles of transporting her from one place to another. As an automotive engineer, she even thought of converting her mother’s old van into a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

After her grandmother passed away her mother also got seriously ill. After seeing her mother experience the same limitations, Jubitza wanted to help her mother to not think about all the things she physically couldn’t do anymore by taking her to tour the island, visit old time friends and going to the beach.

Years later Jubitza marries Alix who then gets a job in transportation. There Alix then sees firsthand the transportation struggles that the disabled would go through with their wheelchair. Not only how they struggled to get in and out of their wheelchair but also the way they
were treated.

Alix saw how due to the limitations of their normal vehicles, those transporting wheelchair users would see them as a burden and an inconvenience. Their wheelchairs were not being treated with care and that simply put, wheelchair users were not welcome.
And that is exactly why Alix & Jubitza wanted their business name to express the exact opposite: ‘We Welcome Wheelchairs.’

Moved with compassion, Alix & Jubitza set out to become the solution to this problem. They went on to research what kind of accessible vehicles were being used by families in the US so that their clients could feel comfortable with a vehicle they were already familiar with.

After finding the right one, Jubitza decided to use her life savings so they could buy their first wheelchair accessible van and start this new journey to give wheelchair users the best vacation experience of their dreams.

Meet Our Team

Alix Guerrier
Alix is your perfect tour-guide & Driver: He is Patient, Easygoing, Friendly, Flexible & a great time!
Jubitza Guerrier
Jubitza, a true Back-Bone: Alert, Attentive, Hard-Working, ready to help, always going above & beyond.

Our Future

We envision a larger, more accommodating van in order to cater to larger groups and families who want to stay together.

We are also excited about the possibility of introducing a rental option, providing our clients with greater flexibility.

Our commitment to accessibility remains unwavering. We will continue to strive for excellence in wheelchair transportation, making wheelchair users feel welcome to the one happy island, Aruba.

Plan Ahead of Time!

Don’t wait till the last minute and let the dates get booked out.

Contact us so we can start planning your vacation ahead of time and make sure you get the most out of your Aruba Vacation.
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